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Certified Professional Macromedia ColdFusion Developer

University of Alabama

Support Systems for Higher Education

University Of Alabama The faculty activity reporting application is an easy to use multi-platform (Windows/Mac) application that provides faculty members with data to verify their teaching load, contract and grant activity and enter their out of classroom activities to submit data to administration for evaluation purposes. Consolidated reporting includes the ability to query publications, contracts and grants and produce a Delaware Study Out of Classroom Activity report by department or for the entire college or university. Time and effort recordkeeping is recorded in a flexible user-defined data entry page with reports and graphs that compare data by department, period or individual. A test registration application allows lab testing administrators to manage test registration for students including a date/time limited registraton periods, automated email reminders and reporting. Each of these applications were designed in Coldfusion MX and MySql.


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It doesn't matter how impressive your website is if no one ever sees it. And even then, it can't just be anyone: whether you are selling something or just gathering information, you want qualified, relevant traffic drawn to your site.

Fox Wyndrum Associates devises Search Engine Marketing campaigns that leverage the primary components of online marketing - Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Link Building and Social Media Marketing - to help transform your online business reach.

Before beginning an SEM campaign, Fox Wyndrum Associates works with its clients to identify two key considerations: Who is your target visitor, and who are your online competitors? The objective is to ensure that your site will be listed where your targets will find it, and above - and with a more compelling message - than the competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine ranking rules vary. Keyword combinations that vault your site to the top of the results list on Google may fall flat Yahoo. It is critical to address all of the factors that the top engines use for ranking to ensure that your site makes it to the top consistently. Fox Wyndrum Associates helps clients combine effective keyword selection, website content, and relevance with regular monitoring to maintain ongoing placement.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Campaign Optimization

Showing up at the top of search engine results is ideal, but it can be a difficult goal to achieve consistently, especially in popular or generic categories. With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, search engine listings can be "bought" by bidding on specific keyword combinations, with the advertiser charged for only when someone clicks on the advertiser's link. For many Internet-based businesses, PPC is the most significant expense in the operating budget. A well-executed campaign can be an extremely cost-effective way to drive highly-targeted customers to a website. On the other hand, the wrong keywords, unclear ad copy or mis-managed budgets can lead to disastrous results: hundreds or thousands of dollars in clicks wasted on the wrong prospects.

Fox Wyndrum Associates works with clients to find the right balance between placement and budget to maximize ROI. Our staff are experts in creating and rotating ad content to maximize click-through ratios, and take full advantage of campaign tools to ensure the best possible monitoring and ongoing management of advertising performance and costs.

External Link Building

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a website these days, and the search engines know it. In their effort to offer users the most genuinely relevant search results, many search engines assess a site's credibility by its external links - links into the site from third parties. The "better" the external site, the more weight the search engine will use in its results rankings. And, of course, just having inbound links pointing to your websites can increase traffic significantly. Fox Wyndrum Associates finds opportunities for its clients to exploit link building, including industry listings, directories and complementary sites, that will most improve and enhance the overall search engine marketing strategy as well as enhance your search engine optimization.

Social Media Expertise

Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is an essential component in today's Internet-based cross-media marketing solutions that span print, Web, e-mail and mobile solutions. Unlike traditional advertising vehicles that primarily create an outbound message, social media marketing gives marketers the opportunity to interact with customers and potential customers and the flexibility to readily evaluate and refine the marketing message in response.

Social media marketing plays a critical role in Internet or website marketing campaigns whose goals include driving highly targeted traffic to a website. It's is all about creating interest and being interesting to users who follow you on Twitter and Facebook, read your blog, or subscribe to your news feeds. Being interesting generates discussion, which leads to links to your content…which improves your site ranking. Being interesting creates "buzz", which leads to exposure, which builds your online presence. Being interesting creates a following, which leads to visitors…which creates customers.

Fox Wyndrum's social media experts exploit an array of social media marketing tools to get your company's website, products and services talked about on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites to improve your site's search engine rankings, raise its visibility in the marketplace, expand its audience, and to drive qualified customers to your product and service offerings.

  • Blog design, implementation and content posting
  • Article writing and mass publication
  • Newsletter writing and distribution
  • Design and maintenance of and account pages
  • News feed integration and automation from corporate sites, blogs and social sites
  • Design and implementation of email marketing campaigns integrated with all social media
  • Design and execution of social media promotions including coupons, contests, and sweepstakes

Whether you sell wing nuts or barcode consulting, social media marketing is essential to your success on the Internet. Fox Wyndrum Associates is your single source for expertise and implementation in this constantly changing environment.