About Fox Wyndrum Associates

Fox Wyndrum Associates, Inc., formed in 1993, is a team of professionals specializing in database design and software development, internet application development and hosting, and network systems integration and implementation. with backgrounds in computer science programming, accounting and business management, our consultants work together to deliver complete solutions for today’s information technology needs.

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Based in Watchung, NJ, our consultants support organizations primarily in the NJ/NY area, but also reaching across the US. Among our clients are major financial services corporations, national wholesale distribution companies, international show management firms and universities, for whom we develop applications that complement and integrate with established systems. At the other end of the spectrum are smaller organizations in more niche markets, with application needs more specialized than are typically available from off-the-shelf offerings. Regardless of an organization’s size, the Fox Wyndrum team provides its clients unparalleled service and support for a broad range of technologies and IT requirements.

The Fox Wyndrum Associates staff is led by its founders, Lawrence Fox and Joan Wyndrum.

Mr. Fox offers over twenty years’ experience in hardware and software systems, with specific expertise in UNIX and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). As Senior Project Manager for AT&T Communications, and then AT&T Corporate Headquarters, he participated in the design, development and implementation of several notable corporate-wide financial and training applications. Before forming Fox Wyndrum, Mr. Fox served as the Vice President and Technical Director of a systems development and integration company, where he was responsible for preparing system architecture recommendations and designs and managing the technical staff for the company’s UNIX and Windows-based client installations. He is now using his expertise to advise Fox Wyndrum clients and to guide Fox Wyndrum’s successful expansion into Internet-based development and deployment.

Ms. Wyndrum oversees the application development activities at Fox Wyndrum Associates, from analysis to development to testing, training and implementation. She has spent nearly twenty years since earning an MBA providing systems analysis for manufacturing, production, distribution and accounting clients’ front and back-end operations, and then preparing detailed programming specifications and test plans. Ms. Wyndrum supervises Fox Wyndrum’s programming staff and coordinates implementation and training plans at client sites. In addition, she is the company’s lead designer of websites and internet-based applications created by Fox Wyndrum’s in-house staff.

To complement its founders, Fox Wyndrum Associates has had the good fortune to find experienced, accountable professionals to build a cohesive, well-rounded team. Our staff hails from a variety of organizations, from Big-10 accounting firms to industrial manufacturing to business services companies. Development and language platforms include Adobe ColdFusion, PHP, Lucee, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, DHTML, JQuery, Java, Javascript, and WordPress.  We develop using a number of databases, primarily MicroSoft SQL server. Our technicians and IT support staff are well versed in deploying and administering Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows networking server and client systems, SCO OpenServers, and a variety of web services. To maintain expertise in its service areas, Fox Wyndrum regularly sends staff members to training for the newest releases and technology developments.

Fox Wyndrum Associates’ team brings the experience of years of project management to its clients to ensure that jobs are scoped to the budget from the start, and managed to the budget to the end. We are not afraid to take responsibility to see that the work gets done right.

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