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Since the first website was launched in 1991, it’s estimated that there are almost two billion sites online today. It’s no wonder that entire industries have emerged to help websites rise above the noise and be found, from website design through search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM).

Fox Wyndrum Associates, Inc.’s talented web designers and website developers take a broad, top-level approach to website design. Careful pre-design planning includes industry research, keyword analysis and targeting. Content is developed with a focus on SEO best practices and is structured to maximize search results.  The websites are designed and coded to optimize the user experience.  Our team helps clients focus on the important areas of the web development process to make sure that their websites deliver the right message with the most impact.

With over two decades developing custom software applications, Fox Wyndrum Associates, Inc. is able to add a wide range of functionality to a website.  Data collection tools, communication platforms, and other user-interactive features helps our clients streamline operations and create truly unique websites to stand apart from competitors.

Website Design

Quality Content

Does your content need a refresh? Does it have an effective keyword strategy? By carefully building out content following an overall site road map, your website will see better search results to increase traffic.

Great User Experience

Many things contribute to user experience on a website. A clear purpose, spot-on style, easy-to-read content, straightforward navigation, and high quality imagery are a must!

Rapid Development

We leverage a variety of development tools and resources to provide quick turnaround for both initial development and ongoing updates to websites.  

Project Management

Our team brings the experience of 25 years of project management to its clients to ensure that jobs are scoped to the budget from the start, and managed to the budget to the end. 

Here are just a few of the website and eCommerce projects Fox Wyndrum Associates, Inc. has developed since 1993:

Website Design Blooms

Happy Customers Come Back

This custom eCommerce site includes product merchandising, purchasing, and order administration. Its intuitive shopping cart, customer gallery, and workshop web pages create an easy-to-use, helpful shopping experience. The application processes orders across multiple shipping locations, and all transactions are hosted in a secure, encrypted cloud environment. The company has seen great year-over-year traffic and sales growth in its ten years with Fox Wyndrum Associates, Inc.

Reach Your Audience

With customers that range from homeowners to hospital facility managers, the company’s technical products and services had to be presented with a clean, uncomplicated website design. Fox Wyndrum Associates, Inc. also provides regular blog content shared across the client’s social media channels, all of which have steadily increased the company’s online presence.

Website Design ICT
Website Design PFC

Interact with Customers  

An Employee Benefits & Compliance firm needed a new website design to market its services and give its clients access to important benefits documentation and resources. By working with Fox Wyndrum Associates, Inc.’s custom software developers, the company was able to expand its services to include an online medical reimbursement management portal to streamline claim processing.

Update Your Online Presence

With a decade-old website in place and a non-existent online footprint, the company needed a fresh start. Its four divisions needed strong and consistent branding with their products and services clearly explained. With new web designs at the company and division levels and ongoing website and social media content development, the company now enjoys significant online visibility.

Website Design IRS
Website Design DeFeo

Turn Expertise into Online Authority

This established sustainability consultancy was well-known within the industry, but invisible in the high-competition online space.  With a well-defined website structure and rich, informative content, the company now ranks on page one for many of its most important keywords. The site is a valuable resource that is often included in Google Quick Answer search results.  Since the launch of this new website, the company has been hired by clients across the globe.

Does your website need a fresh look? Fox Wyndrum Associates, Inc. can help!

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