Custom Business Software Applications

Within the database or application development process lurk many factors that determine the success or failure of a project. Too many organizations spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars creating the “perfect” application only to have it fail to run smoothly for a host of reasons, from incomplete analysis to inadequate hardware to company politics. Whether your company needs an operation-wide, integrated application or just enhancements to existing systems, Fox Wyndrum Associates will help your company avoid the “only-if’s”.

Custom Business Software

A Process that Works

Fox Wyndrum’s consultants have over twenty years’ experience developing custom applications for niche markets and specialized business operations. Our analysts and project managers follow a proven methodology to carry a project from conception to implementation using technical expertise, skilled project management, and simple common sense. We are able to identify and work through barriers, real or perceived, to deliver solutions quickly and effectively. We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately costs and timelines by controlling “project creep”, and to effectively manage through to successful implementations with full end-user support.

A View from the Top

Our custom data-driven business applications reach across the enterprise – either as stand-alone solutions or seamlessly integrated into existing IT environments. Some are internal web-based applications used for human resources, employee training, and employee performance tracking. Others manage business operations from orders through billing, with integrated B2B communication and data exchange protocols. Still others leverage robust data resources to provide real-time customer support via online order and account access. All are developed on high-availability, secure platforms accessible by any desktop or mobile device.

A Common Sense Interface

All of Fox Wyndrum’s applications feature intuitive and engaging user interfaces to streamline navigation and data collection. Our analysts focus on identifying and eliminating redundancies and finding other ways of streamlining current processes. We design powerful user-defined reporting options for detailed visibility. All of our systems offer user-level security and access controls. We have incorporated many automated, seamless integrations between our custom applications and a myriad of external systems, including accounting packages, payroll systems, CRM applications, mobile applications, and machinery/equipment feeds.

The Right Tools for the Job

Fox Wyndrum Associates leverages its systems expertise with a variety of powerful development tools and platforms to create robust, scalable solutions for its clients.

Development Languages & Platforms

Adobe ColdFusion, PHP, Lucee, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, DHTML, JQuery, Java, Javascript, WordPress

Data Management Applications

Microsoft SQL Server, Progress RDBMS Microsoft Access, MySQL

Environment, Website and Communications Platforms and Protocols

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Networking Server and Client Systems, SCO OpenServer 5, Microsoft Internet Information Services, XML, EDI, SOAP, WDDX WebServices

Here are just a few of the custom applications Fox Wyndrum Associates, Inc. has developed since 1993

We provide rapid development of the highest-quality, cost-effective custom business solutions.

Labor Pool Availability

Labor Pool Availability & Assignment Management

Custom Manufacturing and Order Processing

Custom Manufacturing and Order Processing
Vehicle Logistics and Inspection System Management

Vehicle Logistics and Inspection System Management

Faculty Activity Reporting and Tenure & Promotion Management

Faculty Activity Reporting and Tenure & Promotion Management
Coupon Barcode Verification

Coupon Verification Application

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